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Posted: 27/04/2022 10:06  (91 visits)

For sale a property in Kuala Kampar, Kab. Pelalawan, Riau

Take Over Land at Mendol Island, Pelalawan, Riau

  Pulau Mendol, Kuala Kampar, Kab. Pelalawan, Riau

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Land: 61,000,000 sqm 
Legality: Right to Cultivate/Right of Exploitation 

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Take over land 6,100 acres at Mendol Island, Kuala Kampar, Kab. Pelalawan, Riau.

Nearby Places from Pulau  ... Nearby Places from Pulau Mendol 

 Mini Market   Traditional Market   School   Worship Place  

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For sale Not Showing at Pulau Mendol 


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