Properti2 provides a wide range of services for property owners, buyers, tenants, and investors.

We offer “Properti Bagus”,

  1. houses,
  2. apartments,
  3. land,
  4. warehouse,
  5. office,
  6. kiosk,
  7. shops, and
  8. other properties  in Indonesia.

Active Members of professional experts always keeps an eye on the changing trends in the market to help clients in buying, selling and renting of properties with minimum cost, minimum risk and increased customer satisfaction.

We and Active Members practices the business with a personal touch with integrity and the highest quality of professional services, delivered in a very individualized manner to best serve.

Property Agent

We are happy to work with you as your agent. This may be at any stage of your property search, from the very beginning or even when you have already identified the object of your choice and would need advice and assistance for the next steps of buying.

Buy and Sell

Properti2 facilitates you and Active Members in communication to buy and sell your properties with ease. We help you find a potential buyer or seller that matches with your specific needs and desires. By providing a wide range of services we and Active Members are guarantee to maintain your property with great care.


Like buy and sell, renting too involves procedures where you have to choose from the many alternatives. We at Bagos.id help you with this task, making it easier for both the owners and the tenants.

With Properti2 “we grow the best” attitude you’ll understand why www.properti2.com is the right choice for you!